Krispy Kreme combines mystery and tradition in its Halloween and Day of the Dead donuts

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In a month full of skullsmysteries and scares, Krispy Kreme joins with an emblematic character loved by many: Scooby Doo. This fun dog has inspired Krispy Kreme to create some delicious donuts that in each flavor transmit adventure and mystery that characterize them. Furthermore, continuing with the tradition of the Day of the Deadthe brand has also prepared a Donate Katrina which will inspire people to lovingly commemorate the absence of their loved ones, living a special experience on these dates.

To celebrate HalloweenKrispy Kreme has prepared 4 challengessince creating the monster more chilling by downloading a fun template to share it on social networks, decipher clues, even use the best costume and have the opportunity to win different prizes. All the Krispy Lovers who go disguised to the shops and Donut Theaters, you can enjoy a monster caravan Krispy Kreme style and win a mysterious prize.

And for the Day of the Dead, people who visit stores or Donut Theaters you will be able to know the Krispy Kreme altar of the dead and share a special message or a photo joyfully remembering your loved one, creating a special and commemorative moment for those who are no longer with you.

This season's donuts are so captivating like the mystery that surrounds them, turning them into the perfect combination between suspense and flavor:

  • Donate-Scooby-Doo: Mrs original glaze covered in a delicious blue icing, decorated with a delicious vanilla flavor orange frosting and a Scooby-Doo badge.
  • Donate Mystery Machine: original glazed donut with a delicious topping and sprinkles chocolatedecorated with green coverage lines and the license plate of the iconic Scooby-Doo truck.
  • Donate Mummy: donut filled with a delicious cookies & cream creama purple and white vanilla-flavored icing with a fun and delicious plate of chocolate eyes.
  • Donate Katrina *exclusive for Mexico: it is a donut with bread of the dead flavor with a sugar coating and the classic sugar decorations that a sugar Katrina has.
  • Donate Halloween Sparkles: original glazed donut covered with chocolate and decorated with orange sparksGreen and purple.

There's a lot clues to discover and challenges to decipherjust get ready for the spookiest month starting from October 9 to November 5 helping to solve the case of Scooby-Doo, Mystery Order and Krispy Kreme. The mystery surrounding Halloween donuts can be unraveled with Krispy Kreme to catch the hidden prizes and celebrate the tradition of the Day of the Dead. You can participate by entering the social networks of @krispykrememexico wearing #TheKrispyKremeMystery to win up to a year of free donuts or take a special prize. Can be done Home delivery through the Krispy Kreme Delivery service, through WhatsApp or platforms: Uber Eats, rappi, DIDI and Cornershop.


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