Krispy Kreme brings color and fun to Mexico in a big way with the Surprise Donut filled with M&M's

Krispy Kreme brings color and fun to Mexico in a
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For the first time in Mexico, 2 iconic brands loved by the public reveal a great collaboration, Krispy Kreme together with M&M's will finally be able to be enjoyed in a big way with the new Gourmet Donuts collection, being the most loved and anticipated donuts due to the colorful fusion and flavor experiences they offer, it is a completely new and delicious way to experience both brands.

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For lovers of donuts and chocolate, it will be the perfect combination that will be able to enjoy a large experience that combines the joy and freshness of Krispy Kreme with the fun of M&M's chocolate, becoming a delicious and unparalleled experience to share. with those who love most. "The most beloved donuts and chocolate candies are finally together, and you'll love 'M," said Dave Skena, global brand director for Krispy Kreme.

Having M&M's chocolate as an ingredient in Krispy Kreme donuts is incredibly fun and original, in addition to chocolate being one of the most popular sweets in the world, and Krispy Kreme being the most popular donut in the world, They make the perfect fusion. In the United States, Canada, Taiwan, the Middle East, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines, Guatemala, Panama and the Dominican Republic, the collection of Gourmet donuts with M&M's was very well received by consumers, obtaining great popularity, causing great expectations in Mexico and causing Krispy Kreme followers to want to try M&M's donuts.

It's time to celebrate together with Krispy Kreme and M&M's, taking advantage of the colorful and fun Gourmet collection of donuts, each of their presentations will surprise those who try it and they will love them greatly.

• Surprise chocolate donut filled with M&M's: famous M&M's made into a donut with red icing and a plate of delicious white chocolate filled with exquisite M&M's.

• Chocolate chip donut with M&M's: donut covered in delicious dark chocolate with colorful sprinkles and delicious M&M's.

• Krispy Bites with chocolate M&M's: delicious bite covered in dark chocolate with delicious M&M's.

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Gourmet M&M's Donuts will be available from November 6 to December 4 at all Krispy Kreme stores and Theaters. You can order at home through the Krispy Kreme Delivery service or through WhatsApp or the Delivery platforms: Uber Eats, Rappi, DIDI and Cornershop.

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