Kourtney Kardashian overflowed her corseted bust in racy photos with Travis Barker

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker at the premiere of "The Kardashians" on Hulu.

Photo: Frazer Harrison. /Getty Images

To say sexy would be little and it is that kourtney kardashian she let out her most sensual side to congratulate her husband Travis Barker for his 47th birthday. For this they posed in a spicy photo session where They wasted love, sensuality and a lot of intimacy.

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kourtney kardashian used his Instagram profile to share with the world the hottest photos so far with Travis Barker. In addition, he dedicated an emotional message to him that has surely made millions sigh. Not to mention, she wore an outfit for the occasion: very tight corset to the point that her bust overflowed from it.

In the snapshots, Kourtney showed off her curves and especially those she has grown lately now that she has paid less attention to maintaining her slim figure. She also completed the outfit with black heels. For his part, blink 182 drummer He dressed in a white tank top and bright fringed pants with a red sash.

the legs of Kim Kardashian's sister were exposed and it is that they seem to be the favorites of Travis Barker, because in some photos he appears caressing them and in others kissing them. As so many times they do no matter who is around.

“I am beyond grateful for the day you were born. Happy birthday to the husband of my dreams, my soulmate," she wrote. kourtney adding that he has changed her life forever.

Travis Barker Of course, he responded to the publication with another sweet message that has received more than 8,000 likes so far. "My soul mate, I love you forever," wrote the rocker.

This would not be the first time the pair of stars expose their erotic and sensual side. On other occasions they have been seen posing with little clothing and revealing the complicity that exists between the two.

They recently did it to announce the launch of "Lemme"the intimate product who worked together and of which they are also an image.

Kris Jenner congratulated Travis Barker

The message from the drummer's mother-in-law did not wait, Kourtney's mother, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie He posted a carousel with Travis on his Instagram account.

“You are the most amazing father, stepdad, husband, uncle, son, and friend! You are so kind, considerate, generous, creative, talented, and I am so happy to have you as part of our family! So happy and I love and appreciate you and I hope you have the most amazing day of your life!” It is part of the text shared by the "Mománager" of the Kardashian-Jenner.

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