Know the spiritual meaning of seeing a white dove


A white dove is a symbol of peace.


White doves have been used universally as a symbol of peace. Beyond associating them with the communion between the countries of the world, when they suddenly appear in our life it has a spiritual meaning It will depend on the context in which we find ourselves at that moment.

History has charged these birds with powerful symbolism. For the Egyptians she was a messenger of the gods, while the Greeks considered her as a symbol of love and messengers of the goddess Aphrodite.

In the Bible, Noah sent a white dove to check the state of the world after the universal flood and he returned with an olive twig in his beak to give hope to mankind. Also, it is the symbol of the Holy Spirit.

What does it mean to see a white dove?

When you see a white dove the message is one of peace and tranquility. Possibly you are going through complicated moments that disturb your harmony and prevent you from living in peace. This bird reminds you that there is hope and you should calm down, because there is always a solution to problems no matter how difficult they seem to overcome.

Meaning of seeing a white dove in your house

If you happen to look out your window and there is a white dove standing there, it is in your garden or anywhere in your house. symbolizes that you should love your loved ones since, possibly, you do not do it at that moment for some reason, explained Aura Mística in an article. The white dove suggests expressing your appreciation and love to people.

When you see her standing at your window, the message is more specific: it indicates that you must repair a broken relationship due to arguments or misunderstandings.

Meaning of seeing a white dove in flight

When we see white doves flying, it is a sign of happiness, prosperity and new beginnings. Because of this meaning, the ritual of flying white doves after the bride and groom say yes at a wedding is common.

Observing them in the sky indicates that at that moment you are happy and lucky or that you are about to start a new project in your life that will bring you abundance. However, they can also be present if you feel lost and cannot find a way out of your financial problems. In those cases, the message is to have faith because soon things will get better.

Meaning of seeing a dead white dove

If you suddenly see a dead white dove on your way, it is not a bad omen. It means that a cycle in your life will end. There will be an end soon, possibly a relationship, work, etc. After that stage, you will feel peace and harmony.

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