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Xiomara Castro, democratically elected president of Honduras, will take office this Thursday, January 27, to govern the country for the four-year period 2022-2026, as successor to Juan Orlando Hernández.


National Congress of Honduras installs the 2022-2026 legislature

Castro, leader of the Libertad y Refundación (Libre) Party, prevailed with a majority of 1,716,793 votes and made history by becoming the first woman elected as president of the Central Caribbean nation.

Find out then what the main objectives of your Government program will be, which it intends to lay on the foundations of a participatory democracy refounded on renewed criteria, and born of the general debate.

Social rights

Therefore, it will be essential to build a political system that provides citizens with the ability to associate and organize in order to influence public decisions in a realistic, responsible and informed manner; either through direct mechanisms or by voting in plebiscites, referendums and citizen consultations.

It also projects the defense and protection from the Executive of all citizen rights, as well as betting on the independence and impartiality of justice, which must reach everyone equitably in order to guarantee a dignified life, empowering communities for autonomous management of their conflicts, and returning all their rights to self-defense.

This government will implies that the greatest investment will be concentrated in public policies that respond to the main problems in education, health, housing, employment and security, youth and women.

Better health and more employment

An immediate expression in the health system will be the elimination of all charges in hospitals and public health centers; as well as expanding and carefully monitoring the purchases of medicines and laboratory reagents for the entire public network at the national level.

To which is added the modernization and maintenance of health infrastructure and equipment; in addition to prioritizing the total immunization of the population.

Another priority of Libre will be the reduction of unemployment by generating an estimated 200,000 jobs in two years, which will also contribute to eradicating hunger, migration and exclusion.

For this, it plans to cancel monopolies and oligopolies, as well as eradicate the Organic Law of the Employment and Economic Development Zones (ZEDE); coupled with a substantial reduction in bank interest so that more Hondurans have access to credit. Meanwhile, he plans to renegotiate the foreign debt in order to clean up public finances and seek financing with better conditions for the country.

Another core point of his agenda will focus on women and youth, for whom a seed capital fund will be allocated in order to promote entrepreneurship; accompanied by the incentive to the community economy, and the intention of the gradual increase in the minimum wage in order for each family to increase their income and improve their quality of life.

fight against corruption

It also places as a necessity the installation, in conjunction with the United Nations Organization (UN), of the International Commission to Combat Impunity and Corruption in Honduras (CICIH), with the purpose of eradicating opacity in the State. .

This commission intends to create a Penal Code to replace the Corruption Code, as well as to work together with the Community Police in all neighborhoods and villages, in coordination with the National Preventive Police.

Honduras has been going through a situation of multiple crisis for years, increased with the increase in inflationary levels, set at 5.32 percent at the end of 2021, and above the 4.01 registered in 2020.

Issue expressed in the increase in prices and food shortages, high costs of water, electricity, transportation and medicines; in addition to hundreds of companies and thousands of businesses that went bankrupt.

To which is added the absence of control in public management, impunity, tolerance of corruption and the damage caused by hurricanes Eta and Iota.

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