Kiss a fan while slurring the words: Gullit Peña is again exposed in poor condition [Video]

Gullit Peña is currently without a team.

Photo: Hector Guerrero / AFP / Getty Images

Carlos “Gullit” Pena has gone viral again, but not because he has found a team to continue his career, but because was exposed again on TikTok while intoxicatedat another party in which while send a greeting Y drag the wordsends kissing the fan that he asked for it.

Caro Cruz is the person who posted the video on her TikTok account (@caro.cruzz). The girl introduces us to the video with the following: “I just wanted a greeting to show my dad“. After that preamble, we see the Gullit dragging his words while sending the greeting and at the same time taking the woman’s neck to kiss her.

Greetings, a big hug from your friend Gullit Peña“, says Carlos, who finally gives the girl a kiss and says goodbye again. The woman starts laughing and that’s how the video ends.

The video was recorded in a nightclub, as can be seen. There is background music and more companions. And clearly the Gullit Peña, 32 years old and currently without a team, does not look in good condition.

TikTok was also the platform on which a video of Gullit drinking tequila directly from the bottle that a companion offered him at a meeting went viral. It happened two months ago.

Now his adds another negative episode for the former El Tri player, who has spent months without playing, leaving his future as a footballer in the air.

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