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Burning time in the marathon in a dominant era in the symbiosis of effort and technology; generated the shocking evolutionary process perhaps, more so for this one. The fascinating world record of 2 hours 00'35” set by the Kenyan athlete Kelvin Kiptum23, this Sunday in Chicago, not only knocks his compatriot off the world pedestal Eliud Kipchoge, of 38, a kilometer-devouring machine illuminated by successes, but also marks a revolutionary moment in the history of athletics: Eliud Kipchoge It took 20 years of effort and twenty races to reach the summit of Everest in the marathon and Kelvin Kiptum It took less than 10 months! and just three marathons to overcome it and change a bit of history. With the beautiful potential prospect of further improving the RM at the time of deciding its presence on the fastest circuit in the world: Berlin. The ideas, with the dazzling event, run in droves: Hypothetically, Kelvin Kiptum will be eight years younger than Kipchoge in his third Olympic Games….Since Kiptum ran in Valencia on December 4 in 2:01'53” a reasonably sporting question arose that opened a fissure in the two supreme objectives of Kipchoge: the three Olympic golds and breaking the two-hour wall under the official rules. The world of athletics lives the euphoria of the stellar moment. World records undoubtedly have limits. Even so, since the dawn of the 90s when Moses Tanui He ran the half marathon in just under an hour, or maybe much earlier, perhaps in the 60s or 70s—back in the 40s and 50s, it was expected that swimmers would cross the 15-minute wall in the 1,500-meter swim. free, this is how the legendary Bob Kiputh coach of the Yale University Bluefish; not as an illusion, but as a reasoned reflection supported by the discoveries of physiology and technique as support for scientific incorporation in training. Will there be anyone who believes it is impossible for a woman to break 50'' in the 100m freestyle swim, like she did? Jim Montgomery in Montreal 76? In the aquatic sphere, no—the probability of breaking the mythical two-hour border was perceived; without considering in those times, the sidereal push that current technology was going to give it with the magical, ultralight sneakers, which on the other hand have fractured, in some way, the cornerstone of competition, doing it under equal circumstances. Not all athletes have the financial capacity to buy them. Kiptum It ran in negative partials 1 hour 00'48 in the first half and 59'47” in the second half. With something extra, before entering the incandescent point of the marathon, in the burning zone of fatigue of the 35 kilometers, in which most people melt, she accelerated! He ran the 5 km from 30 to 35 in 13'51” and the 10 km from 30 to 40 in 27'52”. He ran at an average of 2'51” 467/100 each kilometer.

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