King of Spain, Felipe VI, tests positive for Covid-19 | News

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The House of the King of Spain has reported this Wednesday that Felipe VI was positive for Covid-19, after applying an exam as a result of the mild symptoms of the disease that he presented the day before.


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Given his illness, the Spanish head of state must, in accordance with the protocols established by the Iberian health authorities, remain isolated for seven days, during which he will suspend all planned official activities.

Among those that stood out was a meeting and subsequent lunch accompanied by Queen Letizia with the President of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Željko Komšić; and an audience with the CEO of Airbus, Guillaume Faury, this Thursday.

To which was added on the same day the delivery of the 18th King of Spain Economy Prize to the economist Manuel Arellano, in a ceremony scheduled to take place at the Bank of Spain.

They delved from the Casa del Rey in a statement that the general condition of Felipe VI "is good", so he will be able to continue with other institutional functions from his residence in Madrid.

It also transpired that neither Queen Letizia nor her daughter Sofía present symptoms, which will allow both to continue with their agenda under strict adherence to the stipulated health regulations, and with the required follow-up, the document detailed.

Spain has accumulated 94,931 deaths and just over 10.4 million infections of the Sars-Cov-2 virus since the beginning of the pandemic; and exhibits an incidence rate of 1,893 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last fourteen days.

Queen of Denmark, Margaret II, was also tested positive for the new coronavirus

Meanwhile, the Queen of Denmark, Margarita II, was also tested positive for the new coronavirus, without presenting serious symptoms, and according to information provided from the royal palace.

The 81-year-old Danish sovereign, who had received her booster vaccination schedule last November, was confirmed infected on Tuesday night.

For this reason, Margarita II canceled the vacations she had planned to spend in Norway, and she is also confined to her palace in Copenhagen, the capital of that European country, under strict compliance with health regulations.

By the way, Denmark lifted most of the restrictions that it had established to stop the advance of Covid-19, but even so, the health authorities recommend that those infected people isolate themselves for at least four days.

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