King Charles III: The coronation photo showing three generations of British royalty

King Charles III with his son and grandson at Buckingham Palace.

Photo: HUGO BURNAND / Courtesy

The latest official photograph of King Charles III's coronation, released by Buckingham Palace, sends a strong message about the next generations of the British monarchy.

In it, King Charles III appears with his son, Prince William, and his grandson, Prince George, bringing together the monarch and the monarch in the same image. who is next in the line of succession.

The photo, taken in the palace's Throne Room, is part of a set of official photographs taken by Hugo Burnand.

The king is seen wearing the Imperial State Crown and coronation robes, as well as the coronation regalia (an orb and scepter) while seated on a throne that was made for the coronation of Edward VII.

It is an image full of luxury and symbolism, in which the royal colors are seen: gold, red and purple.

King Charles III is pictured at Buckingham Palace seated on the throne with his son Prince William by his side and Prince George on the other side.

Hugo Burnand
The photo was taken on Saturday May 6, the day of the coronation of Carlos III.

A second photograph shows King Carlos and Queen Camilla with their pages and bridesmaids.

It brings together some of the Queen's family members who played a role in the coronation on Saturday May 6, including her sister Annabel Elliot, her grandchildren Freddy Parker Bowles and Gus and Louis Lopes, as well as her great-nephew Arthur Elliot.

Photo of the royal family

Hugo Burnand
This British royal family photo includes Queen Camilla's sister and her grandchildren.

The first set of official coronation photos featured the king and queen, but also focused on "acting royals," to highlight those members who will be at the center of fulfilling the duties of the monarchy during the reign of Charles III.

More official photos are expected to be released as part of a Cabinet Office initiative to provide public buildings with a photographic portrait of the king.

Anti-monarchy activists have complained about the £8 million (more than $9 million) budget for the project, calling it “shameful waste“, but no precise details on how that money will be spent have been released so far.

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