Kim Kardashian Buys a Famous Princess Diana Jewel for $202,000

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The famous influencer and socialite kim kardashian He has shown that he has no qualms about spending thousands of dollars to indulge himself, especially when it comes to unique and unrepeatable pieces.. Such is the case of his most recent acquisition, a very expensive necklace that belonged to the Princess of Wales, Lady Di. Here we tell you all the details!

The new collection accessory is the so-called Attallah Cross, an amethyst and diamond pendant used on several occasions by Princess Diana of Wales.the first wife of the current King Carlos III.

To be his new owner, Kim Kardashian shelled out about $163,800 (about $202,000) at a Sotheby's auctiondoubling the item's starting price.

The extremely expensive jewel features 11 large square-cut amethysts surrounded by circular-cut diamonds weighing 5.25 carats, and Princess Diana is known to have worn it on several occasions after being presented to her by her friend Naim Attallah, writer and British-Palestinian businessman.

In a statement issued by the auction house, the spokesperson said he was excited that one of Lady Di's most beloved jewels has gone on sale:

Rarely does jewelry that the late Princess Diana owned or wore come to market, especially a piece like the Attallah Cross, which is so colourful, bold and distinctive,” said Kristian Spofforth. before the sale. “We are delighted that this piece has found a new life in the hands of another world famous name.”

We cannot forget that Kim Kardashian is one of the celebrities who has made her love for the jewelry collection the most evident. However, she now prefers to keep a low profile because In 2016, she was the victim of an armed robbery at the hands of a group of thieves who gagged her and ransacked her Paris apartment.

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