Kevin Berlin and Randal Willars win Gold in Diving for Mexico; there are 10

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Kevin Berlin and Randal Willars managed to maintain Mexico's perfect pace during the Diving Finals at the 2023 Pan American Games after winning Gold from the 10-meter Platform, in the men's synchronized event.

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The Mexican duo would go from less to more during the fight for the Pan American Gold, since despite adding 51 points after their first jump, they would remain below the Canadian team made up of Rylan Wiens and Nathan Zsombor-Murray, who obtained 54, placing themselves at the top after the first round.

Already in the second round, the surprise would come from the Americans Max Flory and Jordan Rzepka, placing themselves in first place, followed by the Mexicans.

The 3 1/2 laps shown in the middle of the competition would take Berlin and Willars to the top of the classification, however, the pleasure would be short-lived for the Mexican duo, since in the fourth round they would fall again to the second position, while the last one would start from the third rank.

For the sixth and final dive, the Mexicans would present 2 1/2 somersaults with 2 1/2 turns, an attempt that maintained a difficulty of 3.6; with a high resolution, they would add 81 units for a total of 419.91; Their closest pursuers were the Canadians, who finished with 404.04, while Colombia completed the podium by adding 383.19 units.

In this way, Kevin Berlin completed his journey during the 2023 Pan American Games, while Randal Willars will seek to reach the podium again on Wednesday, October 25 at 8:00 a.m. from the 10-meter Platform.

* All times shown correspond to the Center of Mexico City.


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