Kendall Jenner uploads a totally nude photo to Instagram and is on the verge of being penalized

Kendall Jenner | Getty Images

Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Tremendous commotion caused the supermodel Kendall Jenner after sharing some images on Instagram from a photo shoot in which she let herself be seen as God brought her into the world, but… how did you get the platform not to penalize you? Here we tell you.

Last Thursday afternoon, social networks were shocked by the most recent publication of Kylie Jenner’s sister. It was a carousel black and white images where the young woman shows off her statuesque figure.

On the cover of said carousel, the daughter of Kris Jenner wears a tiny bikini while posing at the edge of a pool. Also, her hair looks short and messy, after a swim in the pool.

However, there was a specific one that raised the temperature, we are talking about the one where Kendall Jenner poses completely nude. The model can be seen lying on the floor, with her legs crossed and one of her hands holding her head, while the other is resting on the ground.

Although the image is in black and white, which generates shadows, highlights parts of her body and highlights her silhouette even more, this time there was no impediment for the famous 26-year-old to show the attributes with which she came into the world.

As expected, the publication unleashed a wave of comments in which Jenner’s beauty and infarct body were praised: “Omg wow”, “There is no one like you”, “Officially you are the most beautiful model” and “I love this new version of you”are the responses you got.

Despite the “positive” stir generated by the image, there were those who questioned the reason why Instagram did not delete the publication or sanctioned the modelan action that the platform has not hesitated to carry out with other creators for publishing “explicit content”.

However, Kendall Jenner prepared for this by placing pixels within the image that are imperceptible at first glancebut that “avoid” any repercussions against his profile, which has just over 220 million followers.

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