Kemonito denounces attempt to dispossess his character

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KeMonito, the most famous short figure of the modern era of Mexican wrestling, assured this Monday that he was willing to close the Mexico Arena with the help of fellow union members if, after a legal process, the World Wrestling Council (CMLL) strips away the character he has worn since 2002.

“If necessary, the Arena México would have to be closed and even throw garbage in front of the house of the director of the CMLL, Salvador Lutteroth Lomelí, because otherwise they would not understand,” he told EFE.

Jesús Juárez Rosales, KeMonito's real name, recently filed a lawsuit against CMLL, which according to the former teammate Mystic is still his boss.

The short Mexican denounced the company that brought Mexican wrestling to Mexico for the crime of fraud, the crime of authorship and to claim salaries that are owed to him for an undisclosed time.

According to KeMonito, who took on this character after using that of Alushe, with whom he was a partner of the late Tinieblas, they never made him aware of the contracts he signed with the CMLL.

The KeMonito brand is one of the most exploited by the founding company of this sport in Mexico to make collaborations with the film and series platform Netflix, in addition to the baking company Bimbo.

He became famous in his early years for being the partner of Místico, the last Mexican media wrestler, and later became a social media celebrity.

However, KeMonito considered that he was not paid as he should have and even suffered “humiliation, humiliation, workplace abuse and discrimination due to his dwarfism.”

KeMonito stated that he was not given the same payment than his peers of normal height and did not receive medical attention when he requested it.

“I just want to be paid what I deserve, my property rights. When I was given the character, I was only given a drawing, I was the one who made the costumes. I have a record of the souvenirs, the name was not given by the Council, but by a narrator,” she stated.

This afternoon, the World Wrestling Council issued a statement in which it states that it has fulfilled its contract with Mr. Jesús Juárez, who has characterized himself as Kemonito. The company claims that it owns the character's registration and that on several occasions it offered to renew the contract, without receiving a response.

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