Kemonito, a story of discrimination in Mexican wrestling

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KeMonito, an 80 centimeters tall wrestler, has accumulated 21 years of humiliation, humiliation, workplace abuse and discrimination due to his short stature in the Mexican pankration.

“I feel bad and disappointed because they think that because we are short (short people) we are not human beings,” he confessed to EFE the most famous esthete of less than one meter of the modern era of Mexican wrestling.

Jesús Juárez Rosales, name of the fighter KeMonito, has had a career for 35 years. He started with the name Alushea character who was manager and squire of Darknessa legend of Mexican wrestling, with whom he shared a television program.

With Tinieblas he was respected in the ring, however, since it became Kemonito in 2002 he was treated with discrimination since in the company World Wrestling Council (CMLL), fulfilled the role of being an accessory or a “mascot” for a normal-sized wrestler.

His role was to accompany gladiators of normal height and be punished by his rivals as when in 2008 before thousands of fans at the Mexico Arena KeMonito was expelled from the ring by a kick from Último Guerrero, who is 1.75 meters tall.

It was not the only time that KeMonito had to lend himself to being hurt. On one occasion the Canadian Vampire, a heavyweight fighter, performed a hammer blow on him, a punishment prohibited in the mexican wrestling because it causes serious neck injuries that can be fatal.

“When I took on the character I wanted to give rise to the little people or disabled because in wrestling they have not taken us into account; "They push us aside, although many times we have more knowledge and more values ​​than others who say they are without disabilities," added KeMonito, who is in a legal dispute to maintain the character with the CMLL.

According to Rosales, the World Council only gave him a drawing and he was the one who designed the suit. Adolfo Morales, a deceased narrator, named it, but the one who registered the name with the authorities was the company that brought wrestling to Mexico 90 years ago.

KeMonito's best moments were like Mystic's companionwho in the first decade of the 2000s caused the last “boom” of Mexican wrestling by filling the arenas and making this sport relevant in the country again in a way that had not been seen since the time of The Saint and Blue Demon.

He accompanied Místico in his most important fights, but he was also beaten by his rivals and in those years was when the kick he gave him happened. Last Warriorfor which he suffered injuries.

“They always treated me differently. With Último Guerrero I suffered injuries and the only attention they gave me was asking me to go to the doctor, but if I needed an operation they did not pay me for it and if I had to be absent on medical leave they did not pay me for the time I was away. Normal-sized fighters were not treated like that.”

Last September the wrestler KeMonito sued CMLL for the crime of fraud in the degree of authorship and to claim salaries that are owed to him for an undisclosed period of time.

Rosales does not rule out another lawsuit for the discrimination that he believes was done to him in the company for which he worked for more than two decades. At the moment he remains inactive due to an injury and waiting to win the battle in court so that he can continue presenting himself with the KeMonito character as an independent fighter.

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