Katy Perry sang in Mexico! You can't imagine where

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The renowned international singer Katy Perry surprised Mexico with a brief private performance which took place on October 18. Although it was not a massive concert, the presence of the artist generated great excitement among the lucky attendees of the private eventwhich was attended by actors, news hosts and entertainment programs.

According to entertainment journalist Eduardo Elizondo, who is known for providing information about the music and entertainment industry, Katy Perry is on the San Ángel television station. She was requested by the company to participate in a special event that promises to surprise the singer's and television followers.

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According to Elizondo, the international pop star will be in charge of entertaining the annual presentation of the television station. This news was also confirmed by entertainment tiktoker Pablo Chagra, who is aware of events in the world of entertainment.

Katy Perry It will not only be presented on this television stationbut it is also expected to record a special participation for a charity event that will take place in the month of December. This type of collaboration is common in the career of the artist, who has always been committed to humanitarian and social aid causes.

The news of Katy Perry's performance in Mexico and his participation in the San Ángel television station and the Telethon has generated great expectation among his followers, who look forward to enjoying his music and talent at these events. The singer has achieved great success internationally throughout her career, and her visit to Mexico is an exciting event for her fans in the country.

Therefore, Katy Perry fans in Mexico have reasons to be excited for his private performance and future collaborations. The artist has once again demonstrated her dedication to her music and her desire to give something back through her art. Without a doubt, these events will be memorable moments for all those who have the opportunity to witness them.

He even greeted her! Wendy Guevara shares event with Katy Perry

On social networks, Wendy Guevara, one of the popular members of Las Perdidas, excitedly shared an emotional moment in which Katy Perry performed on stage. Wendy's enthusiastic reaction reflects the excitement and admiration that many fans felt upon seeing the iconic international singer in Mexico.


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