Karol G, wet and showing off her breasts, talks about “Una Noche en Medellín” remix

Karol G dazzles with her neckline.

Photo: Isaac Brekken. /Getty Images

Colombian singer Carol G never stops giving what to talk about. Just a few days ago, a video went viral where she sings like Selena Quintanilla as a tribute and left more than one drooling. She now repeats at the top of the news, just when she has announced that today is the day to launch her new song that is believed to be a remix of “One Night in Medellin” beside Chris MJ and Ryan Castro. Obviously he did it in the sexy style of Carol G: wet just out of the shower and showing off her breasts with strapless.

While there’s all the fuss with your ex Anuel AA and the alleged bad attitude he had when a DJ placed a theme of Carol G In a nightclub in the Dominican Republic, Karol G continues to focus on her projects. One of them is to bring out the new song of hers that she, since she released “MAM III” with Becky GWe haven’t heard anything else from her. Wet and showing off her breaststhe Colombian makes it clear that the wait has come to an end and she made it known a few days ago showing from above and below in Instagram. “One Night in Medellinremix is a song of Chris MJ with Ryan Castro and it is the phrase that the reggaeton used to announce it.

Few days ago Carol G She showed her legs with a very short dress and said that if that video reached a million comments, she would launch the new theme. We do not know if she will do it only with the song or if, on the contrary, it is about the video clip as well. The truth is that the million comments were reached in record time and today is the big day. His fans do not stop commenting on social networks eagerly awaiting the material of the bichota.

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