Karol G softens social networks with a special hug to her boyfriend Feid

Karol G softens social networks with a special hug to
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The Latin Grammy 2023 was not only a stage to recognize musical excellence, but also to witness moments full of emotion and affection, especially regarding the outstanding romance between Karol G and the reggaeton singer Feid. The singer of bug was awarded with the award for Best Urban Albumand the Feid's reaction was felt, becoming a viral moment on social networks.

In a video that quickly went viral, The moment in which Karol G approaches Feid to receive an affectionate hug was captured of the reggaetonero. The connection between both artists was evident, and Feid did not skimp on congratulating Karol G for this important achievement in his career.

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The clip, shared widely on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, shows Feid offering words of encouragement to Karol G while hugging her tightly. This gesture not only highlights the professional relationship between the two, but also the love and support they share in their personal lives.

The highlight of the video comes in the last seconds, when Feid, with a sincere smile, drives Karol G to go to the stage to receive her well-deserved award. This gesture of encouragement and complicity between both artists has left fans excited and has generated positive comments on social networks.

The romance between Karol G and Feid has been the subject of media attention in recent monthsand their presence at the Latin Grammys only served to consolidate the image of a couple that shares not only the passion for urban music, but also mutual support in their professional successes.

The award for Best Urban Album represents a significant milestone in Karol G's career, consolidating her as one of the most influential figures in the urban genre. Feid's celebration is not only a recognition of her talent, but also a testament to the strength of her relationship with Karol G.

Amid the competition and glamor of the Latin Grammys, the genuine connection between Karol G and Feid provided a touch of authenticity and excitement to the night. This moment will not only be engraved in the memory of the artists, but also in that of their followers, who celebrate not only the professional achievements, but also the love and complicity shared by two of the most prominent stars of current reggaeton.


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