Karol G reveals the lyrics of her new song Cairo, but they break it on Twitter: “Hypocrite, coward”

Karol G during her $trip Love Tour at Crypto.com in Los Angeles, California.

Photo: Emma McIntyre. /Getty Images

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come! Karol G has already revealed a part of the lyrics of her new song Cairo. Same with many fans of the bichota dream of listening to and seeing the full video clip, but also that it earned her to be bursted and melted into criticism in Twitter.

Carol G very excitedly shared a piece of his new video clip Cairo that he recorded in Egypt. Although it is already shaping up to be a success and that is why he made the lyrics known to his fans: “A queen is a queenno matter what they think of her. Her value is not determined by whether or not someone likes what she is or what she does because despite what you think, she will continue to love herself… will remain a queen“.

“That hypocrite the victim, which begins to make shows crying for men and screaming like crazy”, “You and you hypocrisy of fifth the same one that minimizes and puts women to the ground…”, were some of the criticisms she received. Another pointed to Carol G even stealing phrases from social networks. But the truth is that La Bichota is still happy and many are waiting for the big day of the premiere.

Cairo, Karol G’s new theme

from the beaches of provence, Karol G moved to the desert of Egypt, from where he filmed the audiovisual material for this super production. In the images we can see La Bichota aboard a bus with a group of passengers who seem to be enjoying the scenery.

In this opportunity, the Colombian women he let listen in the first instance a short phrase of his theme that opens next November 13 and it prays like this: “Are you staying or are you going? You’ll see, but…”

A few hours after publishing this preview, it already has more than a million “Likes” and 25 thousand comments: “Another anthem”, “We are already counting down the days”, “Rompedera”, “Wooow”, “A bomb of surprise”, “Too hard” and “Ay mami”

Anuel AA’s ex recently shared a photo album where she shows herself quite sensual inside a pool exposing her rear and next to the photos the following text that also alludes to cairo: “I swore that I wasn’t going to fuck any little ass… and here I am talking nicely to you.”

The star of the urban genre once again had the collaboration of Ovy On The Drums. Music producer behind great successes of the interpreter of “Tusa” and many other artists such as: Becky G, Jay Cortez, Micro HRT, Mike Towers, 21st floor Y Zion & Lennoxjust to mention a few.

The success of Carol G comes after finishing his tour $trip Love Tourwith which he not only had the opportunity to visit many countries, but also to delight his fans with his incredible presentations, surprises and guests that he prepared for each of his shows.

“The truth is to summarize everything I would like to say in a caption is impossible… The day before yesterday ended Strip Love Tour The energy that was felt in each of the places I was was gigantic, beautiful and SUPER POWERFUL”, thanked the singer on her social networks.

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