Karol G: meet the sexy and explosive trainer of La Bichota

Yarishna Ayala, coach of Karol G.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown. /Getty Images

If you believe that the success of Carol G It's fortuitous, they're wrong. Behind her there is a lot of preparation. Acting, English, singing classes, rehearsal hours and above all, gym. show off the body the bichota it is not easy work. Nevertheless, the explosive and sexy trainer of the Colombian, yarishna ayalais responsible for showing off her usual dental floss and leaving everyone drooling with her great body.

Coachella 2022 was the goal for Carol G hit the gym harder than ever next to a trainer who makes you tremble to at least shy. A perfectly shaped body and almost 100 percent fat free is the main physical characteristic of yarishna ayala. a Puerto Rican who put Carol G for long weeks to lift weight with his rear for what has been, so far, the most important night of his career.

Both spent days in the gym training under the guidelines of the fitness expert. To the point that she is already part of the G family. She was in the front row enjoying her client and friend. Until dad G posted a photo with the sexy brunette: "With the best trainer ever." The Giraldo family love to train together and it is one of the activities they do often. Let's remember that everyone, including the sexy mom of the bichotawork in the large company that implies Carol G.

The work and effort are seen on stage. Right after the ex of Anuel AA, Carol G. Karol G cries and dedicates a moving message before her presentation at Coachella: "May it last an eternity" that marked the history of one of the most important music festivals in the United States, there were more than 150 people working for 6 months. La Bichota thanked them, her family, friends and of course, her physical trainer.


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