Karol G had to leave several Latin American countries off the 2024 tour: this is the reason

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Karol G announced the dates of the 'Mañana Sera Bonito Tour' in Latin America for the first half of 2024 - credit @karolg/Instagram

With the confirmation of the expected date of Karol G in Medellin the next December 1st in it Atanasio Girardot stadiumit did not take long to confirm that the Colombian will extend the promotional tour for her album until 2024 Tomorrow will be nicethe first recorded completely in Spanish to top the Billboard 200 in the United States.

Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil are the confirmed destinations for the fifteen dates that the Latin American stage of the Tomorrow Will Be Nice Tourand even anticipated that the dates of his time in Europe will be announced soon, in the summer of 2024.

Given the complaints of some followers because the tour left out some Central American countries such as Costa Rica, Panama and Puerto Rico, the bug He responded directly to the topic on his private Instagram channel. There she sent an audio explaining that the dimensions of the stage on which she has been presenting Tomorrow will be nice in the United States, made it impossible to negotiate assembly in other countries outside of those mentioned:

“There are countries that we could not include because we could not provide the infrastructure we need. Our scenario is a little complicated to set up. There were places where we couldn't have the infrastructure like the tour, and it seemed unfair to me that some people lived the experience halfway. So, it saddens me not to be able to go to many countries that I love and that I know the people have a very special affection for.”

Likewise, he took the opportunity to celebrate with a publication on his personal account the five Billboard awards he won at the gala on October 5. Wearing the same dress Dolce and Gabbana that she wore during the gala while some of the highlights of the ceremony were shown, the woman from Antioquia wrote:

“Yesterday for the first time in my career I won the award for 'BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR', other awards and a special recognition to my foundation @concorafoundation that impacts more people every day thanks to the support of all of you ✨🕊️🤍 I feel very happy and grateful 🥹 What a great life!!!”

At the gala held at the Watsco Center of the University of Miami (United States)the bug She went up to the stage and the first thing she did was ensure that she was prepared to give a show for those attending the gala. “No, well, I'm very ready for us to do a show and sing all the songs with this audience today,” expressed the singer with her inevitable Paisa accent.

The singer stated that she felt “super happy and excited” about the awards received during the evening, but she also stated that even if she did not win all the nominations, she was very clear that there are “many music masters who do not have prizes and they are equally or greater than legendary.”

About Tomorrow will be nice, the singer expressed that Tomorrow will be beautiful she had produced it with love for her fans to enjoy: “This is special (the award) because they have awarded my album, the music that I prepared for you to enjoy (...) Nothing, I love you , a lot to everyone. Thank you to all the producers, composers, and my team who are part of this very special work and don't forget that tomorrow will be beautiful!" said Karol G at the gala.

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