Karla Souza, a voice for multiple struggles

Karla Souza, a voice for multiple struggles
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A few days ago a new reform was launched for all athletes with the aim of setting a minimum salary for those involved, this in order to generate equality between men and women in terms of economic compensation, and although the idea aims to establish support in the union, institutions such as the Liga MX Femenil expressed their concern, since they believe that there are important points that are not being considered, such as the fact that this amount is set based on what is obtained in sponsorships, transmission and box office payments, a very different panorama for the women's league than for the men's, which is why they warn that it would put their existence at risk.

While this continues, it was the actress Karla Souza who assured that on her side she intends to continue supporting the athletes of Mexico, which has been a constant after she entered this world thanks to her role in The fall.

"My support is going to be unconditional and I don't just say it because of the film but because right now living through all the Pan American Games I saw how Mexico stood out impressively and I think: 'if they got to those places, to stand out like that without the support that they need so much, what? wouldn't they make it if they had it?' And then meeting (Mexican divers) Diego Balleza and Randal Willars and hearing them worried about what is going to happen when they are no longer old enough to compete and stop doing it, what are we going to do to support our athletes after their active years? So I already have very personal and private conversations with each of them about how to support them and I am dealing with some brands separately and also with Azul Almazán to be able to do it,” said Souza.

The actress is in for a long time, as she recently received an Emmy nomination for her lead role in this same film, but beyond the awards, she shared with Excelsior who feels grateful for the conversation her project has generated and for being able to resonate with the experience of other survivors.

It was a year ago that Souza released this film based on true events that follows the story of Mariel, a veteran diver whose last chance to go to the Olympic Games is threatened when a young athlete enters to be her partner, but when she discovers that the real danger is in the hands of someone you trust, your objective will change completely. A plot that shows abuse in sport.

“The awards are something very nice and I do not detract from their value in any way, I feel very honored, but the applause and the conversation and the reception that the film has had with the people and the positive effect that they have generated in society has been The real prize, the fact that protocols are being generated to precisely prevent the abuse of minors in sports in Mexico, I think are the greatest gifts that I have been able to have with this project. And the fact that it was the most watched movie on Prime Video when it was released the year it came out and that a lot of people saw it even in the United States, being low-budget and with a theme so difficult to digest, is a testament to the fact that it was a very needed movie, even for me.

“It is a project that helped me return to Mexico, that helped me feel contained, protected and with a voice for everything I experienced in the year of #MeToo when I decided to raise my voice and talk about the abuses I had in my career. and that the response was definitely not kind, it was re-victimizing and it was a very traumatic experience for me, but this helped me a lot to heal and that ugly experience helped me see the great need to capture the experiences of a survivor and My goal was to be able to dignify that path in this country and I believe it was achieved,” highlighted the artist, who in 2018 decided to report that she had been abused by the director and producer Gustavo Loza.

In that sense, the role marks a watershed for Souza's career, not only because of the reach he is having on a professional level, but because of how liberating it was personally to be able to heal his own story through this project and find that voice to be able to help. to other survivors.

Well, through this character he managed to open up the complexity of the issue of abuse much more by modifying the script thanks to his own experience when he realized all the edges that needed to be touched on, both on the side of the survivors and on the media and social level. .

The data

  • Karla Souza was nominated for the first time at the Emmy Awards for her leading role in The fall.
  • The film also entered the shortlist for Best Picture.
  • The award ceremony will take place this November 20 from New York.

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