Karim Benzema will sue French minister for insults | Video

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Karim Benzema, 2022 Ballon d'Or winner and Real Madrid legend, denied having Islamist linksas the French Minister of the Interior assured, Gerald Darmaninand announced that it is proposed denounce the government official for libel.

This was indicated in statements to Le Parisian the French international's lawyer, Hugues Vigier, around the public support that Benzema gave to the civilians of Palestine, in the middle of the war between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas militia and when they have occurred two Islamist attacks in Europe (in France on Friday and on Tuesday in Belgium).

Vigier He assured that they plan to denounce Darmanin by “defamation, including public insult”given the notoriety of the current footballer from Al-Ittihad Saudi.

We cannot accept that those who govern believe they are authorized to do anything out of pure opportunism.

In fact, Benzema (97 times international with France) already decided to sue MEP Nadine Morano for defamation (from the classic right-wing party The Republicans). The politician stated that the soccer player “is an element of Hamas propaganda.”

Another senator from the same party, Valerie Boyer, asked this Wednesday withdraw French nationality from Benzemaborn in France but also with Algerian passport from his family.

“Such a measure is impossible.” because it is a French native with one parent also French. That reminds us of what happened in the Nazi Germany“he warned Vigierwho also filed a complaint against Boyer.

The political positions of the ex-Madridista have become the topic of the day in France since Darmanin stated this Monday that the forward has “links” with the Muslim Brotherhoodwithout providing evidence of this.

This international current of Sunnism encompasses Hamasbut coincidentally it is classified as terrorist in the country where Benzema plays, Saudi Arabia, a kingdom framed in another current of rigorous Islam.

Sources of Ministry of Interior They justified the accusations launched by Darmanin alluding to controversial situations in which he has been involved Benzemalike his refusal to sing The marsellesa in the matches with France or his “proselytism” on social networks “in favor of the Muslim religion”according to RMC Sport.

(With information from EFE)

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