Karely Ruiz stars in the new Playboy Mexico

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Mexico.-Karely Ruiz fulfills one of her dreams. Today the influencer dresses the digital cover of the most coveted magazine among models, none other than Playboy México.

Karely Ruiz, 23 years old, boasts about it on her unofficial Instagram account, which is helping her stay in touch with her followers after the platform canceled the account.

“Unfortunately I don't have my 9 million account because @Instagram closed it for me for this special day, but I hope you love and support this new achievement that for me is a dream”


Just as she publishes the photograph that serves as the cover of the bunny magazine, an image where the model wears sexy black lace lingerie.

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Weeks ago, the influencer and model Karely Ruiz told her followers that she was preparing a big surprise for them, she even gave clues for what many assumed was a new project related to Playboy Mexico.

And they were not wrong, Karely Ruiz finally revealed the new part of the digital edition of Playboy México, November edition.

While the print uncovered the photo shoot taken by the OnlyFans model originally from Monterrey in Nuevo León, which shows her wearing fitted lace, silk and leopard lingerie.

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In addition to doing a hot photo shoot for Playboy Mexico for which she surely earned a juicy amount of money, Karely Ruiz is honest.

Karely Ruiz spoke with Playboy about the hate that rains down on her every day, which she claims does not affect her but rather makes her grow.

Just as she celebrates minorities, those little things she does generate gossip that she does not like to clarify immediately since this makes many people focus on her.

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It is clear, the formula “let people speak good or bad about you, but let them talk” is working for the young woman and she loves it.

Especially since people's curiosity and interest in her private life and appearance are making her money.

Karely Ruiz would earn more than a million pesos a month for her erotic content on OnlyFans, in addition to juicy amounts of money for her collaborations with artists.

By Yazmín Medina


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