Karely Ruiz shows her altruism again and brings groceries to victims of Acapulco

Karely Ruiz shows her altruism again and brings groceries to
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Karely Ruiz once again demonstrated that she is one of the influencers with the most social commitment and concerned about the situation that thousands of people suffer due to the passage of the Hurricane Otis by Acapulco, He decided to get to work and give his grain of sand in the midst of the crisis.

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And it is that the model, who in the past has already helped social causes, such as animal shelters and people with cancerdid not stay with his arms crossed and went to the famous beach destination where He distributed groceries to those affected by the meteor in the poorest areas of the port.

Through her Instagram account, the beautiful woman shared a video in which she appears delivering groceries to residents of the city of Guerrero, which was impacted by the category 5 hurricane on October 25.

How did Karely help the victims?

In the clip that the famous woman shared on her social networks, it is observed that she supported the victims with products such as milk, toilet paper, canned food, diapers, among others, and various boxes.

In the video, Karely appears sitting on a platform handing out bags to the affected people who smile and they thank her and then take some of the help that the influencer brought to Acapulco.

“Yesterday I went to Guerrero and I had the opportunity to help many people who have lost everything, I am truly grateful for having a job and having the opportunity to help and contribute a little of myself to all these people, I upload this with the only one desire to raise awareness among all people.”

“Thank you to my team for supporting me in accomplishing this, this is not the first nor will it be the last time I do this, tell me what you want, but I am very clear that in this life I will help whenever it is needed and I can, criticism comes and goes. help stays,” Karely wrote.

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The model also took time to talk to some people and greet themand he is even seen petting some pets and taking photos with people.

She also thanked the people who collaborated so that she could bring help to the victims, while her followers recognized the beautiful gesture that the famous woman had with the people of Acapulco.

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