Kanye West has a new relationship, with a girl known as "the double of Kim Kardashian"

Kanye West.

Photo: Jean BAPTISTE LACROIX/AFP/Getty Images

Only two weeks have passed since the breakup of kanye-west with Julie Foxthe actress who managed to conquer him to such an extent after her separation from kim kardashian who showered her with gifts and even invited her to accompany him to Paris Fashion Week.

However, for Ye -What is he called now? rapper– That has been more than enough time to start dating another woman, who has accompanied him to Miami and who bears an undeniable resemblance to his ex-wife. She is about a influencer call Chaney-Jonesthat already She has earned the nickname "Kim Kardashian's doppelganger" both for his physical appearance and for his fashion sense, which is highly reminiscent of that of the celebrity.

Now Ye has appeared for the first time in the account of Instagram of Chaney, in a selfie in which she poses with a slight smile and he appears in the background with his usual serious face. This image has been interpreted as a confirmation that they are together and that the musician also does not bother to hide their relationship, whatever the exact nature of it.

Actually, Chaney appeared in the life of the music star at some point in the last two months. In early February, when Ye was still with Julie Foxthe paparazzi they were surprised at soho-house from Malibu in the company of other people and a few days later they went to dinner alone at the popular restaurant Nobu.

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