Kanye West explodes against Kim Kardashian and assures that she accuses him of trying to commission her murder


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

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divorce from kim kardashian Y kanye-west, which she had promised would take place in the most cordial way possible, has taken an unexpected turn after the rapper has made a series of very serious accusations against his former wife. In the last days the controversial musician has claimed that she tried to kidnap her daughter Chicago on the girl’s birthday and has harshly criticized her for allowing her first-born North to use TikTok even though she knows he doesn’t approve.

In the last publication he has made this Sunday on Instagram, which is the means he has been using to attack the mother of his four children, Kanye claims that Kim has accused him of trying to hire an assassin to end his life.

β€œLet’s see if I clarify myself, I beg you to allow me to go to my daughter’s birthday party and you accuse me of using drugsβ€œ, he added. β€œThen I go play with my son and get my graphic novels back from Akira, and he accuses me of stealing. These things can land someone behind bars. They are playing with the lives of black men. In the current climate, they are either released or locked up. I do not intend to continue playing with my black children.

Until now, the aforementioned has only broken her silence on one occasion, last Friday, to regret that Kanye has complicated the legal process to conclude their marriage more than necessary with his alleged obsession with “controlling and manipulating” the situation in which they find themselves. , at the same time that he presented himself as the main parent who is in charge of caring for and maintaining their four children in common.

Kanye then reacted by assuring that Tracy Romulus, the main marketing manager of Kim’s KKW Beauty company, was “manipulating” her to turn her against him.

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