Kamala Harris Announced Funding for Firefighting During Her Visit to California

Kamala Harris was greeted by Gavin Newsom during her visit to California.

Photo: California Governor's Office/Courtesy

the vice president kamala harris announced funding from the federal government to combat forest fires on his visit to California on Friday.

Vice President Kamala Harris paid a visit to San Bernardino on Friday in which he highlighted that the federal government spends billions of dollars to reduce the risk of wildfires and help communities recover from them.

"It's about recognizing that we can't, as a government or as a society or people who care, just respond in reaction to a moment of harm or danger," Harris said, who appeared alongside a number of officials, including the Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom.

"We also need to be able to use technology and the common sense and experience of those on the ground to understand that we have the tools to predict these wildfires ahead of time," Harris said.

Harris made the announcement at the Forest Service's Del Rosa station, located just on the edge of the San Bernardino forest.

The federal government will provide $600 million in disaster funding to help California recover from a historically severe wildfire season that saw fires burn nearly 2.6 million acres and burn across the Sierra Nevada for the first time , and then a second time.

That money is part of a $1.3 billion commitment to local communities across the country. to help clean up hazardous materials, restore forests, and repair damaged infrastructure by wildfires, Harris said.

Harris also announced $48 million in new funding for the Joint Chiefs Landscape Restoration Partnership, a joint effort between the National Resources Conservation Service and the U.S. Forest Service to carry out forest management projects, such as thinning of vegetation and creation of firebreaks.

The funding will support 17 new projects in the West, including two in California: one in the Six Rivers National Forest and one in the Klamath National Forest, Vilsack said.

the deal it also includes money that will go to help low-income areas, which are in high fire danger zones, build defensible space around their homes.

Another important topic discussed by Harris was that of immigration.

“We have to protect our dreamers. We have to create a legal path to citizenship. There are so many people who want it and deserve it," Harris said. “And it will benefit us all. So this is a priority for us. Keep it up. We need Congress to act. We need to continue to put pressure on Congress. To understand, it's myopic, and it's just simply wrong not to address this issue and accept this issue."

With information from ABC7 and the Los Angeles Times

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