Kaluz Museum will offer tasting of bread of the dead: dates, costs and everything you need to know

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During the second half of October a pan de muerte festival will be held Photo: Cuartoscuro

Through social networks the Kaluz Museum announced that the third presentation of his Bread of the Dead Festival 2023and for this year's edition it will have the presence of eight bakeries that will offer multiple options for said preparation, from the traditional to the most innovative of the moment.

The reason for the event is to celebrate the Day of the Deadsince it is a Mexican tradition that is commemorated on November 1 and 2, this festival was classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 2008.

This is the third time that the Kaluz Museum will adapt its terrace to receive lovers of bread of the dead, the event will be next Saturday, October 21 and Sunday, October 22, 2023the event begin to from the 10:00 a.m. and will conclude o'clock 5:30 p.m..

The exact direction of the museum is: Av. Hidalgo 85, Centro Historico, CDMX, on this occasion the entrance The event will cost 120 pesos per person, in addition, the ticket includes access to the following Temporary exhibitions:

- 'Almost gold, almost amber, almost light. Welcome of the Mexican landscape to the Japanese landscape'

- 'Tan Tin Tan. A Mexican of the 21st century'

- 'Kaluz Collection. Relevance of patronage

- The Day of the Dead offering, which this year will be dedicated in honor of Tin Tan and will be inaugurated on Saturday, October 21.

During the event there will be different flavors of bread of the dead (photo: Kaluz Museum)
During the event there will be different flavors of bread of the dead (photo: Kaluz Museum)

Some of the dead bread flavors that attendees will be able to find are from: lavender, coffee potothers covered with tangerineof multicolored doughwith chilibathed in chocolatewith sugar, Jamaica and various unique flavors that you can only find during the Pan de Muerto Festival 2023 at the Kaluz Museum.

On the other hand, they will have other types of preparations based on bread of the dead, for example, an ice cream of the same flavor that has a mini bread of the dead on top as a topping.

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to accompany their food with different types of drinks such as: hot chocolate with spices, and even alcoholic drinks with liquor marigoldFor example, carajillos. Finally, you can also find a hamburger prepared with bread of the deadjam and cheddar cheese.

After the tasting, visitors will have the opportunity to rate both the flavor and presentation of each bread of the dead, and vote for their favorite so that the winner of the event can be found.

In addition to its original presentation, there will be other types of preparations (photo: Kaluz Museum)
In addition to its original presentation, there will be other types of preparations (photo: Kaluz Museum)

The bakeries that will be participating in the Pan de Muerto festival are the following:

Maison Crofflee

The bakery has a headquarters located at Av Toluca 411 col. Olivar de los Padres and during the event will present three types of panes de muerte: “Catrin Colorado"with rainbow colors made sourdough, with walnut, Papantla vanilla and covered with totonoxtle,"Mictlan” made with sourdough, chili flakes, honey, fermented cocoa and bee pollen and “Catrina” rainbow with chocolate, hibiscus and guava ganache filling.

Pantricia x Catamundi

This pastry shop has a branch at Alejandro Dumas 97b Polanco, for this occasion they will present natural breadbread of nugget and bread chocolate. This is a bakery that has been run by Patricia Kuri and Pablo Carrera for more than 8 years.

El Gringo Naco

It has a branch at Ejercito Nacional 526 esq. with Themistocles. This is a restaurant located in Polanco that is dedicated to the sale of giant burgers and during the event they will present one of them made with bread of the dead, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese and making it coexist with their bacon jam, which is a jewel based on maple syrup, bourbon and balsamic reduction.

Meyvi Ice Cream

Located at Av Independencia 31-Local 1, Colonia Centro, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, 06000 Mexico City, CDMX, the ice cream parlor will present a frozen made of bread of the deadwhich will be decorated with a mini bread on top.

The bakeries will present unique flavors (photo: Kaluz Museum)
The bakeries will present unique flavors (photo: Kaluz Museum)

Mignon Patisserie

The bakery is located at Río Nazas 100, Cuauhtémoc. Very close to the Angel of Independence, which will present 3 versions of bread of the dead: traditionalof lavender and of vanilla. Mignon started as a dark kitchen during the pandemic. Its founders, Itzel and Meztli, created Mignon with inspiration from French pastries but making unexpected combinations with Mexican ingredients.

Legion of Pan

Located in Bulgaria 139 Local 4, Portales Norte, Benito Juárez, 03303, who will only present a traditional bread of the dead Made with orange, orange blossom, sugar, flour, butter, milk, egg and salt.

Nizza Caffe

Located at Quintana Roo Sur 830 PB Toluca State of Mexico, the bakery will present attendees with a traditional bread of the dead, marigoldof chocolate and almondsof pink moleof guava and melted ateof tangerine alfeñiqueof coffee pot and of sweet purple sweet potato with blackberrieswhich are made with: flour, orange, sugar, butter, organic egg, premium milk and the necessary variants depending on the flavor of each bread.

Reintegra Bakery

The bakery has a physical store in Héroes ·59, Colonia Guerrero, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, CP 06300, during the festival they will present a typical bread of the dead based on: sourdough, flour, egg, butter, milk, butter-orange essence, yeast, sugar and salt.

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