Kabah talks about when María José rejected a reunion for the group's 25 years

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Kabah is one of the most important pop groups of the 90's and although they separated in 2005 on good terms, the group He wanted to meet again when they turned 25, however, The promise was not fulfilled since María José rejected him.

Kabah recalled in an interview with Yordi Rosado how they decided to separate and when María José began her career as a soloist and that they even always supported her.

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“I remember that we were in Guadalajara and there we decided that it was time to end the group because we wanted to experience life, we grew up there, we didn't know what a bridge was. We finished it in the most beautiful way, we made that last album and we had guests like Alejandra Guzmán, Benny Ibarra, Eugenia León, Lupe Esparza,” said Federica Quijano.

Apio Quijano's sister pointed out that after finishing the group, all the members met every month at someone's house. When Kabah's 25th anniversary approached, they began to talk about the group's return to the stage. just as they had promised and although Josa did agree, the next day He sent them a message where he told them that he was not going to be with them at the reunion.

“We said that if we turned 25 we were going to return, do concerts and the promise was not fulfilled. We all got together, including La Josa, and he said that we should use his staff, his band (...), the next day he sort of sent a message to each of us that he wanted to dedicate himself to his career as a soloist, that it had been difficult for him to get there and his way. "It was so strange and cold, so we received it as a shock of reality: 'it's already broken.'"

Although the other members of Kabah did not say anything to María José, the one who did was Apio Quijano.

“El Apio was his best friend and he did tell her what he felt and everyone else was quieter and it was a very strong blow for all of us.”

René, for his part, said that María José She started her solo project when Kabah ended and never talked about having plans to have a solo career. while the group continued.

"At the moment that Kabah decided to separate and she started as a soloist and it was not that within the group she said that she wanted to be a soloist, it was very clean and that is understandable (...), we supported her, they gave her a retirement letter, It was difficult for him and it started to go incredibly well. By the time we returned it was understood that she was already a soloist.”

Finally, Sergio said that they have a good relationship with Josa and recalled that the singer joined them in some concerts on the tour they did with OV7.

“Yes (they have a good relationship), when she sees that the tour extends, it was 15 shows in three months. It was the madness that it was, it became one of the most important tours of that year and the tour began to extend, that Kabah came back strong, María José says that I continue to have my solo career, they have my support and I have an album that he is waiting for me, I paused it and we all understood it,” Sergio said.

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