Kabah sang Linkin Park song in concert; Internet users react

Kabah sang Linkin Park song in concert; Internet users react
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Last weekend, the group of the nineties, Kabahsurprised sing a song of one of the most emblematic groups of alternative rock, Linkin Park. This amazing cover happened in a concert in Mexico City; here the video.

Different things went viral on social networks. videos of the group Kabah singing a cover of the group Linkin Parkwhich for decades was led by the late vocalist, Chester Charles Bennington. This interpretation was a tribute to the musician, who died six years ago.

Kabah sing 'In the end' by Linkin Park

Wearing silver outfits, full of shine and glamour, combined with synthetic leather pants, the five members of the group Kabahthey gave a concert without equal. This thanks to the surprise they gave to the fans of Linkin Park.

Among the videos, you can see the members of Kabah, including Apio Quijano and Daniela Magún singing the chorus of the song 'In the end'which corresponded to the deceased Chester Charles Bennington.

However, in relation to the vrap lyrics that correspond to Mike Shinoda, were interpreted by Sergio Farril, Rene Ortiz and Federica Quijanogiving a different touch to the song from the early two thousand that became the Linkin Park's signature song.

Reactions to Kabah's cover of Linkin Park

Before the song that the members of Kabah in it Mexico City concertfor honor to the American band Linkin ParkInternet users did not hesitate to react with surprise, as they consider that the cover performance sounded incredible.

“Surprisingly, not bad,” wrote one netizen.

On the other hand, social network users they joked about Kabah performing 'In the air'Well, they say that maybe in an alternate universe, Linkin Park sang 'Mermaid Street' to pay tribute to the Mexican group of the nineties.

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