Juventus files an appeal against the sanction of fifteen points in Serie A

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Juventus filed an appeal on Tuesday Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) for the sanction imposed of fifteen points in the A series for the 'capital gains case', in which the Italian club is being investigated for increasing the market value of footballers to generate higher income in their transfers and balance balance sheets in this way.

The 'Juve' requested in the appeal filed before the CONI Sports Guarantee Collegethe third and last degree of sports justice in the country, which is revoke said sports sanction.

Since the Court of Appeal of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) explained on January 30 that the 15-point penalty imposed on the 'Vecchia Signora' for the generation of capital gains to balance balance sheets was due to “the seriousness and the reiterated and prolonged nature of the infringement”the Turin team had 30 days to appeal against the decision.

On March 27, the preliminary hearing will take place within the framework of the research 'Prism'which investigates whether the Italian club made fictitious capital gains and irregular salary maneuvers with some of its players.

The Justice will review whether the Italian club increased the real market price of its players to get a greater benefit in its subsequent sale (capital gains case) and a deferral of payments to certain players during the 2020 financial year that were not included in the balance of the mentioned year (falsification of accounts).

(With information from EFE)

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