Justin Timberlake is declared 'the most hated man in America'

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The revelations that Britney Spears did in his memoir “The Woman in Me” have brought to light disturbing details about his life, however, those related to Justin Timberlake who was her boyfriend at the beginning of her career and with whom she lived several heartbreaking experiences.

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From infidelities to an abortion, the singer held nothing back and from her perspective she has told about the relationship she had with the former member of *NSYNCdetails that have caused annoyance among fans of the “pop princess” who have questioned the way her ex-partner treated Britney.

And it is that According to the British newspaper The Sun, Timberlake is already the “most hated man in America”As an example of this, after the content of the book began to spread, the social network, X -formerly Twitter- was flooded with criticism of the SexyBack singer, and Internet users expressed their annoyance against him.

"Who is going to be the most hated man on October 24?" along with a video of Justin saying, "It's going to be me," "When did Justin Timberlake become the most hated man on the Internet?" a second person posted, "It's crazy how Justin Timberlake is the most hated man on the Internet." world right now."

In his book, Britney, 41, made a series of scandalous claims about her ex, the most striking being that he got her pregnant during their relationship, which lasted from 1999 to 2002.the “Toxic” singer decided to have an abortion, a decision that Justin supported and even pushed her to make, but which she later came to regret.

Britney also accused the actor of being unfaithful.

According to The Sun, in early October, Justin was "on edge" after revelations from the past came back to haunt him in “The Woman in Me.”

According to the source, Justin has expressed his "great concern" that Britney's claims about him could affect his return to music.

His representatives are working overtime to "keep Justin clean from the consequences of this," But the source noted that "behind the scenes, there are big concerns," as Justin has spent months preparing for his "big musical comeback."

"Now it's about what he's going to say about Britney and how he's going to handle it, both in the media and even with fans. And no matter what people say publicly, behind closed doors the biggest fear is "Whether all this will affect your sales. It's a big fucking worry."

People say that Justin hopes to go on tour in 2024 and is considering a possible series of concerts around the world after that.

"To tell you the truth, no one is sure how Justin is going to get out of this right now," the source said.

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"Justin had a big fall planned with new music, more work with his old friends from NSYNC and, of course, the next installment of the Trolls franchise, which has been a huge source of income for Justin in recent years."

Before “The Woman in Me” came to light, there was a lot of speculation about the revelations it could contain about the relationship between Britney and Justin that now have the singer on the brink of failure.

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