Justice gives Bolsonaro time to explain pardon to deputy | News


The judge of the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil, Rosa Weber, set this Monday a period of ten days for President Jair Bolsonaro to explain the decree that pardons deputy Daniel Silveira.


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After this period, the Attorney General of the Union and the Attorney General of the Republic will have to appear before the jury successively within five days.

The disposition was carried out after four actions were filed in the Supreme Court against Silveira’s pardon filed by the benches of the Sustainability Network (Rede), the Workers’ Party (PT), Citizenship and the Socialism Party and Liberty (Psol).

The deputy pardoned by Bolsonaro on April 21 had been sentenced last Wednesday to eight years and nine months for threatening ministers of the Federal Supreme Court and requesting the closure of the court, parliament, and promoting a military intervention.

Despite this, the president decided to announce on his Twitter account that he would pardon Silveira, which sparked strong controversy in Brazil and opposition parties appealed to the Supreme Court to seek explanations for the president’s action and annul it.

The Rede party, for its part, stated that although the leader of the Executive has the right to grant pardons, this occurred with a deviation of purpose since that resource should not be used to protect an ally and less so before a fair penalty established by power. Judicial.

Since last Friday, the judiciary has been evaluating the appeals filed against Jair Bolsonaro for leniency.

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