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Justice for the murder of Moïse Kabagambe is one of the phrases that was heard the most this Saturday during several protests that took place in Rio de Janeiro, and other parts of Brazil, to request clarification of the death of a Congolese refugee, who had resided in this country for 10 years.


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Mobilized citizens in at least 30 Brazilian cities denounced structural violence and racism that persists in Brazil, after the clubbed murder of the young African, who works serving drinks at a kiosk on Tropicalia beach.

Popular movements expressed their outrage at the crime of the young African, whose murder was silenced by the Brazilian media for several days, but who over time raised a wave of rejection for the violence committed for reasons of hatred.

The young Congolese was murdered last week in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio de Janeiro, beaten to death for asking to be paid for days of work done at a kiosk on one of the city's most famous beaches.

What happened with the Congolese Kabagambe, assisted by Caritas since his arrival in South America, filled Brazil with indignation and even prompted a strong statement by the National Conference of Bishops, CNBB, along with other organizations.

Three men have been arrested for the attacks that caused the death of the Congolese Kabagambe in a kiosk in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio.

According to the police, one of the prisoners is a seller of caipirinhas on the beach and was arrested in Paciência, also in the West Zone. He was identified only as Fábio Silva. Also according to the police, Fábio confessed to the agents that he hit the Congolese with a stick

Another man who admits having committed the attacks that resulted in the death of the Congolese presented himself at the 34th DP (Bangu) and was taken to the Rio Homicide Police Station. He was identified as Aleson Cristiano de Oliveira Fonseca. and is 27 years old.

In a video, Aleson stated that "nobody wanted to take his life" (Moïse) and that the group went to "defend the man" of the kiosk next door, with whom the young man would have had "a problem". The identity of the third person arrested was not disclosed by the police.

The police chief of the city's Homicide Division, Henrique Damasceno, reported that the Court will be asked to keep the three detainees at this stage of the investigation.

Police seized a weapon used in the crime: a wooden bar, which had been discarded in a bush near the crime scene, according to Damasceno.

According to the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice, the defendants were identified after hearing the testimonies of people who witnessed the lethal beating with sticks. After the act, the victim was tied with a rope by one of the defendants.

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