Just like what happened to Canelo, David Benavídez can't stand Caleb Plant: "I'm going to break his mouth to make him pay"

David Benavídez, with a 26-0 record, is considered the best super middleweight out there.

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The name of David Benavídez has been making more noise in the boxing scene in recent years. by virtue of his undeniable attributes in the ring, his perfect mark and an interesting personality as a fighter.

Mike Tyson dubbed him the “Mexican Monster” during a podcast taping, a nickname Benavídez loved, and several boxing legends have insisted in recent months that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez must face him.

But the reality is that the Mexican-Ecuadorian man born in Phoenix He still needs to win a big fight to be able to claim that long-awaited appointment with Canelothe biggest boxing star today.

David Benavídez will have the opportunity to achieve this on March 25 when he faces the American Caleb Plant in a clash of former world champions to be held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. There is nothing really agreed, but if Benavídez wins and looks good, the duel with Canelo could start to take shape.

“I think that after this fight that I beat Caleb Plant people will call this fight more [con Canelo]. And you have to give the fans what they want to see. It is time to make the fight. I'm ready," says Benavídez in a talk with La Opinión.

"I feel very good right now because I have the support of all the legends of the sport and I believe that this is the fight that the entire public wants to watch," he adds about a possible duel with the redhead, who this May will face John Ryder -a public unknown- in Guadalajara.

“Canelo is a legend too and I am a very young fighter who wants to make my own history. And I think I'm the best super middleweight."

GLENDALE, ARIZONA - MAY 21: David Benavidez celebrates after his victory via TKO by corner stoppage over David Lemieux at Gila River Arena on May 21, 2022 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Kelsey Grant/Getty Images)
David Benavídez with his team and family after beating David Lemieux in 2022. / Photo: Kelsey Grant / Getty Images

David Benavídez promises to knock out Plant in less than six rounds

As for the fight against Plant, it will be for the interim World Boxing Council super middleweight title that Benavídez obtained in May 2022 by defeating veteran David Lemieux.

Benavidez (26-0) is said to be ready for combat. His goal is to knock out Plant (22-1) and he even dares to promise that he will finish him off in less than six rounds..

"I feel very good. We are 100 percent ready for the fight, we already had a four-month camp,” says Benavídez.

It turns out that the fighter also known as "Red Flag" can't stand Plant. The animosity is great and the lawsuit has been cooking for several years via statements.

"He is a type of person that I don't like: I don't like how he is, how he talks, all the things he says about me," says Benavídez.. “We have been wanting to fight for five years now… It is time to fight. I am going to break his mouth to make him pay for all the things he said about me ”.

Something must have Caleb Plant to make his rivals speak so badly of him. Canelo lashed out at Plant as part of a row at the press conference ahead of their 2021 matchup.

"I promised all my fans that I'm going to knock him out before round 6. That's the plan, we're going to follow that plan," added Benavídez. “I want to show people that I am a monster. I have 26 fights with 23 knockouts, and there are only two people that I have not knocked out. I'm going for the knockout in this fight."

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