Julio César Chávez made thousands of people sweat in the Mexican Zócalo and showed good physical condition at the age of 60

Julio César Chávez, boxing legend.

Photo: Fabian Meza / Imago7

Affirmed as a legend of the sport, no longer just boxing or Mexico, Julio Cesar Chavez he tries to live normally, surrounded by all the love that his followers profess him and even everyone who just meets him falls for his charisma and people skills.

As part of his public presentation schedule, the 'Great Mexican Champion' gave a massive boxing class in the Plaza de la Constitución in the capital of Mexico, popularly called 'The Zocalo'.

The boxing legend not only caused admiration for his enviable physical condition at the age of 60mainly after disengaging from his excesses of illegal substances and alcohol, but also laughter and good atmosphere with his words.

Under high temperatures and almost at noon, Julio César Chávez started the class but not before warning the thousands of attendees that I was going to “hit them a shit… But training”words that aroused laughter and created the propitious atmosphere to exercise with the incandescent summer sun in the Zócalo.

“We are going to start the class, we are going to make it simple. But hold on, because I'm going to hit you a crap… But training, training"

Always spiritual, Chávez also blessed the training session by thanking God and all the attendees.

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