Julio César Chávez Jr. confessed his bitter love for the Sacred Herd: “I’m going to the Chivas, but the whole team is very bad”

Chávez Jr. is from Chivas just like his father.

Photo: Etzel Espinosa / Imago7

In one of his last live broadcasts, the controversial Julio César Chávez Jr. confessed which team he is a fan of in Mexico. And just like his father, Julio César Chávez, the son of the legend assured that he is a fan of Chivas de Guadalajara. However, he did not say it with greater joy, in fact he closed by saying that “the whole team is very bad“.

With more than half an hour of broadcast, a viewer asked Chávez Jr. about the team of his choice. Julio responded immediately, without delving into the matter: “I’m going to Chivas, but the whole team is very bad“.

Just like all the fans of the Sacred Flock, Julio César Chávez Jr. was not happy at all for the present of a historical team that adds several tournaments without transcending in Mexico.

This Thursday, the boxer from Culiacán deleted the video in which he not only spoke for seconds about the Chivas, but also hit Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez with several hooks.

For now, the Chivas de Guadalajara will have given “Julito” a joy, as they thrashed with forcefulness at Mazatlán on matchday 1 of the 2022 Liga MX Clausura Tournament.

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