Julio César Chávez does not abandon his son in the midst of addictions: “He has a problem and we have to help him”


The Chavez family has been in the spotlight in recent days. Omar Chávez denounced that his father has blocked his mother due to manipulations by the former boxer’s wife. In addition, Julio César Chávez Jr. faces a new chapter in his drug recovery. Despite recurring relapses, the “Great Mexican Champion” does not abandon the “Junior”.

My son has a problem and we have to help him, but everything will be fine. There is no evil that lasts a hundred years and no one can endure them. It’s difficult but not impossible“Julio César Chávez sentenced in an interview for the podcast Un Round Más.

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Although Chávez Jr. had returned to winning ways in the ring, the issues outside the ring led him back to a rehabilitation center. In a new attempt to relaunch her career, the “Junior” loses ground by falling back into addictions.

Addictions, the main obstacle to the success of Julio César Chávez Jr

Many boxing experts have considered that Julio César Chávez Jr. had the tools and the talent to be successful in boxing. Even the “Great Mexican Champion” does not doubt the capabilities of his son. But the lack of discipline and addictions tainted a legacy that had already been tumbling.

“I was not wrong, the truth, they were the ones who were wrong because they did not take things seriously, as it should be. Julio, at the beginning of his career, everything was rosy, because he was disciplined, he didn’t have any addictions. Julio is a great fighter, with many faculties“, Julio Cesar Chavez explained.

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