Julieta Vences holds a forum in San Lázaro to combat the “Digital Hitman”

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Mexico.- This day the “Stop Digital Hitman” forum was held in San Lázaro, convened by the president of the Gender Equality Commission, Julieta Vences Valencia (Morena).

During the meeting, attended by legislators, activists and victims, the need to create legislation focused on the prevention, attention, punishment and eradication of gender-based political cyber violence was highlighted.

Through a statement, Vences Valencia denounced that the “Digital Hitman” has become a form of violence that has increasingly generated a hostile environment that discourages many women from actively participating in politics, public affairs and the private sector.

He regretted that social networks, which should be tools of empowerment, become spaces of intimidation that affect not only on a personal level, but also violate the very fabric of our democracy.

Vences Valencia explained that “Digital Hitman” is a practice in which illegal actions are carried out online, especially through social networks.

He added that it is present through false profiles on social networks and the dissemination of manipulated information, sometimes making it impossible to know who the person or people in charge of carrying them out is, often preventing access to justice for the victims. .

He indicated that technology and social networks have become an essential tool in people's daily lives; However, their lack of regulation or deficiency in the legislation that regulates them, added to the rise of digital globalization, has caused them to be used to exercise a new form of violence and manipulation through digital media, which today Several organizations have been in charge of studying and naming it as a “Digital Hitman.”

He highlighted that the objective of the forum is to deepen and explore the “Digital Hitman”, its impact on our society, analyze the role that artificial intelligence plays and how it can affect security and freedom in the virtual world.

The legislator from Puebla promised that the Chamber of Deputies and the Gender Equality Commission will continue to combat political violence against women on social networks, since it is not only a gender issue, “it is also a related issue.” with justice, democracy and human rights.”

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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