Julián Quiñones receives authorization from FIFA to play with the Mexican National Team

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Mexico.-Julián Quiñones will now be able to play for the Mexican National Team, upon completing his federation change procedures before Concacaf and FIFA.

According to information issued by ESPN, the Colombian Julián Quiñones, today a Club América player, has no impediment to being called by Jaime Lozano, coach of the Mexican National Team.

Quiñones is married to a woman from Monterrey, with whom he has a son, and he has lived in Mexico since he was 17 when he was brought from his native Colombia by the Tigres Club.

Now for the games in the Concacaf Nations League next month against the Honduran team, which will advance to the Copa América, Jaime Lozano could use Julián Quiñones, who like another Mexican, has all the rights to be called by the FMF.

It is expected that the name of Julián Quiñones will appear on the next list of players for the Mexican National Team.

The Club America player completed his procedures to be able to be called by the Mexican Soccer Federation, after his change of nationality.

In order for Julián Quiñones to be called up by the Mexican National Team, he had to first carry out procedures with Concacaf, show all the requirements that are needed and thus be able to go to the FIFA Player Commission to be able to make the pertinent changes.

It will be in the coming weeks that the new call-up will be announced, and surely the Club América forward will appear in the forward category and will begin the competition with people like Santiago Giménez Raúl Jiménez and Henry Martín.

Julián Quiñones joins the long list of naturalized players who have been part of the Mexican National Team.

The most recent cases have been people like:

  • Gabriel Caballero from Argentina.
  • Christian Gimenez from Argentina.
  • Antonio Naelson “Shinha” from Brazil
  • Leandro Augusto of Brazil of Brazil.
  • Guillermo Franco of Argentina.
  • Matías Vuoso from Argentina.
  • Lucas Ayala from Argentina.
  • Rogelio Funes Mori from Argentina.

This list must be joined by Santiago Gimenez, current Feyenoord player, who, although he has lived in Mexico since he was very young, was naturalized by his parents.

By Luis Hernandez


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