Julián Quiñones is excited to play with Santiago Jiménez in the Tricolor | Video

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Julian Quiñonesfront of Americastated in a press conference this Wednesday that he hopes to be a partner in the attack of the Mexican team With Santiago Gimenezbattering ram Feyenoord Rotterdam.

I am happy for the goals that Santiago has scored; We are going to need him in the Mexican team. It is important that all players attend at a high level. Santi showed it today and that is important in the national team where I have seen myself for a long time.

On October 11, Quinones received his naturalization lettera situation that, according to him, motivates him to have his first call to the Tricolorunder the orders of Jaime Lozanowho can take it into account for the series against Hondurascorresponding to the Quarterfinals of the Concacaf Nations League.

Since I began my naturalization process I already saw myself wearing the national team shirt and now even more so because I already have my papers and I can be included in the next call if the coach decides; That's why I'm working hard on my team.

The striker born in Magüí Payán, Colombia, 33 years ago, he highlighted the quality of forwards like Henry Martinhis teammate from the Eagles, Raul Jimenezfrom Fulham, and Santiago Gimenezwith which will compete for a position in the selection.

You always want high internal competition because that makes you grow. We all want a top team and with the quality of forwards that we have, Henry, Santi, Raúl, they are all excellent and that is beneficial for Mexico.

Last September, before receiving his naturalization letter, Quiñones attended a call for Jaime Lozano For starting to adapt to the way of working of the coach:

I already met my next teammates, I attended that call to adapt to what Professor Jaime Lozano wants, it was possible for me to stay for a few days and now I hope to stay longer.

Julian Quiñones is a fundamental piece in the forward line of the azulcrema team, he has marked six goals in 11 games that has started.

The Eagles are leaders of the Apertura 2023 with 30 units until the thirteenth day. On the 14th they will visit the Montereywhere they will meet their former coach, the Argentine Fernando Ortiz.

(With information from EFE)

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