Julián LeBarón's daughter is rescued from virtual kidnapping in Chihuahua

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Sofia18 years old and youngest daughter of Mormon activist Julián LeBarónwas the victim of a virtual kidnapping in the community of New Casas Grandes, Chihuahuabut she was rescued safely, before paying any extortion.

On his Twitter account, Julián LeBaron wrote that "Thank you all for your prayers. My daughter Sofía is already home, thank God", after sharing her disappearance and asking for help to locate her, after she disappeared from the school where she studies in the community of Nuevo Casas Grandes, northwest of Chihuahua.

The Chihuahua State Prosecutor's Office reported that elements of the State Investigation Agency in the northwest zone activated immediate search protocols, after the report of the disappearance of the young woman with the initials SZA, 18 years old, in Nuevo Casas Grandes Chihuahua.

After the report, the young woman was located in the vicinity of a public square, in Nuevo Casas Grandes, so she was immediately secured and returned to her family environment.

The Julián LeBarón's daughter was the victim of telephone extortionin which they told him to hide or they would harm his family, to whom the criminals demanded to hand over, apparently, 300 thousand pesos.

The state police reported that the events took place at approximately 3:28 p.m. on Wednesday, after the absence report was received, at the same time that the family was receiving calls asking for money for the supposed release of the young woman.

An operation was immediately carried out by the State Investigation Agency, locating him on Benito Juárez Avenue, intersection with Minerva Street in Nuevo Casas Grandes. He was in good health and stated that he received a call telling him that to go to that place and not hang up the call, or they would harm their families.

In addition, the victim's parents were promptly assisted to prevent them from depositing any amount, by making them see that it was a deception, so the extortion was thwarted through advice.

The Aactivist Adrián LeBarón It was announced that Sofía Z was detained for more than five hours, this after leaving school this Wednesday, the family members, as well as those in charge of the institution, lost all communication with the 16-year-old girl.

On his Twitter account, Adrian LeBaron He wrote at the time that the extortion process was taking place:

"Please help me share, she is the daughter of Julián LeBarón, the minutes are crucial, she does not appear, she entered the school but there is no longer any information about her, a family and community is waiting for her, it could be a kidnapping."

Regarding the origin of the extortion or the criminals who carried it out, the authorities have not reported anything about it.

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