Julen Rementería calls on the CFE to reclassify and condone electricity rates for Veracruz citizens


Mexico.- The Coordinator of the PAN senators, Julen Rementería del Puerto, called on the state and federal governments, through the Secretary of Energy, to heed the demand of 8 million Veracruz citizens to reclassify the rates electricity in the state, as was done in Tabasco, “because today, from Pánuco to Las Choapas very high rates are paid.”

At a press conference in Coatzacoalcos, the PAN legislator said that in this region the high temperatures make electricity bills very high and in some cases unpayable, lacerating the pockets of Veracruz citizens.

“In the Senate I have already presented a point of agreement, but this demand to lower electricity rates belongs to the citizens, to everyone, not an occurrence of Acción Nacional or Julen Rementería, it belongs to all Veracruzanos who today pay the very expensive electrical energy”, he indicated.

Likewise, Rementería del Puerto said that Veracruz is facing one of the worst crises, because citizens have to pay the highest electricity rates and because of the consequences of the high inflation that the country is experiencing.

“These inflation rates have not been recorded for 22 years and again the indicator just came out this week and it still rose a few tenths, so it does not seem that inflation is going to be contained, this added to the electricity rates, there is a strangulation to the popular economy of the houses”, he lamented.

The senator from Veracruz criticized that, from social networks, the Secretary of Energy, Roció Nahle, announced that in other European countries inflation has triggered the prices of gasoline and electricity.

“They warn us that energy is rising in the world, that gasoline is rising. As if to say there goes the increase, when the government’s commitment was another, ”she pointed out.

The legislator indicated that the reduction of electricity rates for Veracruz has been an insistent request of the National Action Party, but in the Senate this request has been ignored.

In another order of ideas, Julen Rementería reproached the various problems that the Dos Bocas refinery, in Paraíso, Tabasco, has had due to the lack of planning, of an adequate infrastructure of drainage and storm drains, as well as for presidential stubbornness and whim.

“You know better than us. In that area of ​​Tabasco it rains a lot, and if you put a refinery in the middle of a mangrove, what do you expect, that it doesn’t rain? Because you put a refinery it won’t rain anymore, it’s crazy. There are responsibilities there and they will have to be faced,” he said.

The coordinator of the PAN bench lamented that instead of taking measures to “contain” the rise in electricity and gasoline, today the head of the Secretary of Energy is distracted in energy forums that contribute little to Veracruz and that, for the On the contrary, resources are diverted from the public treasury for acts with a clear political connotation.

Finally, the senator from Veracruz mentioned that he hopes that the point of agreement presented in the Chamber of Senators will be discussed next Tuesday in the Energy Commission and later approved by the Plenary, “so that the benefit of Veracruzans paying except for the electricity service”.

With information from the PAN

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