“Judiciary has the right to protest”; López Obrador signals rebellion

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For President López Obrador, tomorrow's demonstration called by judicial workers confirms that there is a rebellion.

In his morning conference, He stated that his government will not repress the march against the elimination of 13 trusts containing 15 billion pesos, although he criticized the mobilization.

A march to maintain privileges is a shame for others, and it is also lying. Love and peace, may those of the demonstration do very well; They are within their rights and there is no repression,” he said.

He assured that The Judicial Branch attempts to supplant the functions of the Legislature in defining the budget of the public administration.

We are living in interesting times. When has a rebellion of the Judicial Branch against the Executive been seen in history? Never,” she emphasized.

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He reiterated that the extinction of the trusts approved in the Chamber of Deputies will not affect the workers, but to the high command of the Judiciary.


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador considered that the demonstration called by workers of the Judicial Branch for tomorrow confirms that there is a rebellion from Power of attorney against the rest of the other Powers of the Union.

At a press conference he said that his administration will not repress protesters who take to the streetsand assured that this Sunday's march is "of other people's shame."

A march to maintain privileges is a shame for others, and it is also lying" (...) "Love and peace, and may those who participated in the demonstration on Sunday do very well, and they have every right, and there is no repression ”.

He reiterated that The Judicial Branch also tries to supplant the functions of the Legislative Branch, of defining the budget of the public administration.

The President asserted that the extinction of the trusts, approved in the Chamber of Deputies, does not affect the workers, but rather the high command of the Judiciary.

Here we have said, their salaries are not going to be taken away” (...) nor are their benefits going to be taken away. Nothing,” he stressed.

In an ironic tone, he commented that the national work stoppage by the workers of the Judicial Branch will not be so harmful, since in this way prisoners considered highly dangerous would not be released.something that, he stated, happens daily.

That strike thing is fine (...) Because then we are no longer surprised that criminals are released. How long are they going to be doing nothing? I wish they would take longer.

I can tell you that in three months they have released about 20 alleged criminals from both organized crime and long-neck crime, but big ones,” he explained.

The senator for Morena, Alejandro Rojas Díaz Durán, reported that tomorrow he will accompany the national march in defense of the Judicial Branch, that brought together workers dissatisfied with the reform to eliminate 13 of the 14 trusts.

With information from Ximena Mejía


The Sixteenth District Judge in Administrative Matters in Mexico City, Gabriel Regis López, granted an outright suspension to a group of 68 officials of the Judicial Branch who are protesting against the extinction of 13 trusts, which represent about 15 billion pesos.

This measure prohibits the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador use any hate speech against workers in the Judicial Branch of the Federation (PJF) to participate in next Sunday's march, since these expressions can incite confrontation, attack or violence against workers.

Without invading the scope of authority of the responsible authority, president of the republic, refrain from making expressions that may contain hate speech that incites confrontation, attack or violence of any kind towards the PJF protesters and their companions who attend the march of October 22 of the current year.”

The judge made it clear that the resolution issued that, like any citizen, the president has freedom of expression but this does not imply that "human dignity and honor are attacked through public ridicule and discredit towards the complaining protesters." ”.

The measure also covers elements of public security corporations from the country refrain from carrying out acts against the physical integrity of those who attend the demonstration.

The judge gave López Obrador a period of 24 hours to comply with his ordercounted from the moment in which the head of the federal Executive is formally informed of the judicial resolution.

By Raúl Flores.


Before the elimination of trusts to the Judicial Branch of the Federation, The ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation Jorge Mario Pardo Rebolledo and Loretta Ortiz Ahlf recalled the commitment to society.

“To express, in these complex, turbulent times, my solidarity with absolutely all the personnel of the Judicial Branch of the Federation and to say that in the PJF we are clear about what our responsibility is and what our commitment is,” said Pardo Rebolledo during his participation in Congress. International 2023 The Challenges of the Judiciary, which took place at the UNAM Law School.

At the same congress, Ortiz Ahlf stressed that access to justice is a fundamental principle in any democratic society; However, he acknowledged, it is often unattainable for many people.

By Raúl Flores.

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