Judicial Power authorizes a 10-year-old girl with a 20-week pregnancy to access therapeutic abortion in Cusco

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The Judiciary authorized minors under 10 years of age to access therapeutic abortion. (Infobae/Andean composition)

A minor of just 10 years old is 20 weeks pregnant in Cusco. Due to the serious risk to her health and her life, the medical board of the Antonio Lorena Hospital ordered that the girl access the therapeutic abortion, but they were waiting for the Power of attorney authorize the procedure, since the victim of sexual violation does not have parents or legal guardians.

Upon request, the Judiciary confirmed that they authorize the measure. “The First Mixed Court of Echarati authorized the Antonio Lorena Hospital in Cusco, under responsibility, to therapeutically terminate the pregnancy,” the institution stated through social networks.

The PJ specified that the procedure must be carried out under the “National Technical Guide for the standardization of the procedure for Comprehensive Care of the pregnant woman in the Voluntary Termination for Therapeutic Indication of Pregnancy less than 22 weeks.”

The Judiciary must authorize the application of the therapeutic abortion protocol because the minor does not have parents or legal guardians. (Video: TV Peru)

The girl was a victim of sexual violation by Reynaldo Ovalle Candia, who is currently facing eight months of preventive detention after being charged with this serious crime and is being held in the Quillabamba prison. She arrived this Wednesday, October 4, in the city of Cusco from the district of Echarate, in the province of La Convencion.

“She is a 10-year-old girl from Echarate. Unfortunately, she has been brought in because she was 20 weeks pregnant by ultrasound. The minor has been abused and is hospitalized. She has been subjected to a medical board in Cusco; which has determined the interruption of the pregnancy,” indicated doctor Rubén Porcel, director of the Antonio Lorena hospital, to RPP.

The minor lived in a protection center in Kiteni run by a woman since 2019 and the sexual abuser would be a laborer in the area, according to the local media. Quillabamba News.

The medical team had concluded that the child faced a high risk of complications during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period due to her physiological immaturity, which included the possibility of preeclampsia, eclampsia, Hellp syndrome, hemorrhages, infections and a worsening of his existing depressive condition, which put his life at risk.

International organizations have urged Peru to approve abortion in the case of all child pregnancies.
International organizations have urged Peru to approve abortion in the case of all child pregnancies.

In our country, a total of 68 10 year old girls At least they were forced to become mothers from 2012 to 2018, warn the official figures from the Live Birth Certificate Registration System of the Ministry of Health (Minsa). In their cases, their births did end with a live infant, so they exchanged games and school for diapers and forced, tortuous motherhood, the product of rape and sexual abuse.

The most painful statistic is that of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, 22 girls aged 10 or younger became mothers, despite the fact that in the Peru More than 100 years ago, the therapeutic abortion when pregnancy puts the mothers' lives at risk, as happens with these minors.

However, the lack of a protocol focused on girls and adolescents who are victims of abuse, misinformation, the religious beliefs of health personnel and other barriers do not allow this group of girls to access this service.

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