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A judge ruled this Monday in favor of releasing tennis player Novak Djokovic and annulled the Australian Government's order to cancel the athlete's visa, after the Serbian appealed a decision that deported him for not presenting a record that he had been vaccinated against the Covid-19.


Novak Djokovic can not enter Australia for not being vaccinated

Judge Anthony Kelly ordered Djokovic released from a temporary hotel detention center and his belongings returned to him within 30 minutes of Monday's ruling.

The 34-year-old Serbian tennis player still hopes to defend his title at the Australian Open and thus reach 21 Grand Slams, surpassing the record he now shares with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal (all three with 20).

However, Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke still has the power to cancel Djokovic's visa.

The controversy in the case of the world's number one tennis player, on the ATP professional circuit, began last Thursday when, upon arriving in Melbourne where he planned to participate in the Australian Open, Djokovkic was prevented from entering for not presenting proof of vaccination .

"Mr Djokovic did not provide adequate evidence to meet Australia entry requirements and his visa was canceled," the Australian Border Force announced in a statement.

The number 1 in the world assures in networks that "I am pleased and grateful that the judge revoked the cancellation of my visa. Despite everything that has happened, I want to stay and try to compete in Australia."

Djokovic, who trained on Monday, confirmed that "I'm still focused on that. I flew here to play in one of the most important events that we have in front of the incredible fans. For now I can't say more, but THANK YOU for being with me in all this. and encourage me to stay strong. "

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