Judge finds Trump liable for fraud for inflating his company's assets for years

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The New York State Attorney's Office accuses Trump of inflating his company's assets for years to obtain better loan terms and other financial benefits. This civil case, which will be judged next week, is added to the four major accusations against him.

A judge has declared the former US president donald trump responsible for a position fraud in the civil process promoted by the New York State Prosecutor's Office, which accuses him of inflate assets of your company for years to obtain better loan conditions and other economic benefits.

In a decision issued this Tuesday, Judge Arthur Engoron agreed with the Prosecutor's Office, which last week requested a partial summary judgment on the main charge in the case, that of fraud against Trump, his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, the Trump Organization and various associatesleaving six other crimes to be resolved in the trial scheduled for October 2.

The judge has specified in his ruling that Trump made false statements about real estate assets to insurers and banks. According to the New York Prosecutor's Office, Trump inflated his personal net worth to financial institutions in 3.6 billion dollars (about 3.3 billion euros).

Likewise, the magistrate has canceled all of the defendants' businesses in New York, while also giving a period of ten days to that those involved communicate at least three potential "independent" companies that can take care of the dissolution.

This civil case, which will be judged next week, is added to the four major accusations against him. Trump, the first former president of the country to be impeached, was charged in March as part of the investigation against him for the alleged payment of a bribe to porn film actress Stormy Daniels, and also faces 40 charges in the case. of classified documents. In addition, he has two other pending cases for attempting to interfere in the results of the 2020 presidential election, including the assault on the Capitol.

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