Juan Reynoso exploded against Miguel Araujo due to a defensive error in Peru vs Paraguay for the 2026 Qualifiers

Juan Reynoso exploded against Miguel Araujo due to a defensive
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The national team coach got out of control with the defender due to bad movement in a shot from the Paraguay goal. (Video: ATV)

The Peruvian team tied 0-0 with Paraguayin the match valid for date 1 of the South American Qualifiers to the World Cup Mexico, Canada and the United States 2026, when the coach Juan Reynoso exploded against the center Miguel Araujo for a defensive error.

It happened 13 minutes into the engagement. Goalkeeper Carlos Coronel took a long shot and the ball passed halfway up the pitch. The midfielder Renato Tapia went to dispute the ball with the forward Gabriel Ávalos and Araujo was very close to his teammate, for this reason, the delivery exceeded the two national players.

This did not please Reynoso at all, who yelled at the Portland Timbers player and proceeded to give him directions. The strategist of the 'bicolor' He remembered his best periods as a defender and told his 'pupil' to step back so that they would not find him in a bad position.

Although the action starring Miguel Araujo did not generate danger in Pedro Gallese's goal, the 'Pigheaded' He did not calm down, on the contrary, he continued making gestures with great anger. The 53-year-old coach does not want to miss any details in his first official match and his debut in qualifying.

Juan Reynoso was upset by Miguel Araujo's defensive error in Peru vs Paraguay - Credits: ATV capture.
Juan Reynoso was upset by Miguel Araujo's defensive error in Peru vs Paraguay - Credits: ATV capture.

The national team will play again and will have a tough rival in front. Is about Brazil, which will arrive after facing Bolivia as a local. The confrontation between 'bicolor' and the 'canarinha' It will take place on Tuesday, September 12 at 9:00 p.m. at the National Stadium in Lima.

Juan Reynoso and company will seek to break the terrible streak against the 'scratch'. And it is that he has never been able to add three against this opponent for the qualifiers. Reviewing the five most recent clashes, the national team lost all of them. The last time they got a point was in 2007 (1-1) on their way to South Africa.

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