Juan Manuel Vargas told why he was not happy as a soccer player: “I always played with sadness and pain”

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Juan Manuel Vargas revealed the reason why he played sad his entire career. (Playzon TV)

Juan Manuel Vargasexlateral who wore the shirt of the peruvian team and played in Europe for several years, he opened his heart in a recent interview and made a sad revelation about his time as a soccer player, which ended in 2018.

The popular 'Crazy' He was a guest on the Playzon YouTube channel, a betting house in which he is an ambassador. First, he was consulted by the journalist Pedro Garcia about his retirement. "Not the first few years (she regretted it), then I said why it wasn't different, but, they are decisions we made and there is no going back, just forward."

Afterwards, the former player answered if he was happy during his career. “The thing is that when my grandparents died, I stopped caring a little about everything.I didn't compete the same anymore, I didn't care, I wanted my grandparents to see me, I had my parents, but my grandparents were the ones who were always with me. When they died I said 'Now why'."

“My grandmother died in 2006. The 'U' sold me and three months later my grandmother died. I arrived at the airport, I saw my wife and my uncles and I said 'oops' because it was bad. Nobody knows those things. Then my grandfather,” she added.

All of that started my theme of already playing, but always with that sadness and pain.. I have continued walking despite all that issue. I have played with an inner demotivation. I haven't gotten over it to this day. It is part of living with that issue,” she concluded.

Juan Manuel Vargas celebrated his goals looking towards the sky in dedication to his grandparents - Credits: Getty Images.
Juan Manuel Vargas celebrated his goals looking towards the sky in dedication to his grandparents - Credits: Getty Images.

The former Universitario soccer player stated that he enjoyed his grandfather and spent time with him in Europe. “He really liked Luciano PavarottiI said I'm going to take him to see a concert, arrived in Italy and the man had died. I didn't surprise him. I didn't know she had died. "It didn't occur to me to find out on the Internet."

Minutes later, Vargas told another anecdote with whom he considers his father. "Try to be more friends with him, live different experiences, I had sports cars, I gave him the car and told him 'step on him, give him strength.' He drove very well, he enjoyed it.”

“He died just in a match that I came to play with the national team, with Bolivia. They went to the clinic, there were journalists and everything, Markarián (Sergio) went to the wake, I still went to play,” said Juan Manuel about the death of his relative.

The last club of the 'Crazy' was academic, with which he began his sporting career and made his professional debut. The ex-lateral returned after his stay in Europe, in teams like Fiorentina and Real Betis; However, it was not as she expected. Poor management in the locker room ended up accelerating his retirement.

“2018 arrived, I met with the 'U', the other coach came, Nicolas Cordova, I already saw that they were looking for unreason in me. The other one disrespected me because he put me in for 10 minutes, in a classic way I told him 'don't think I'm a kid, if you're going to need me, put me in, otherwise leave me at my house'. “He wanted to have me on the bench as a positive leader,” he noted.

“If I were a conformist, I would say 'normal, I don't play'; But, I wanted to be on the field and it bothered me. I told him 'if you're not going to need me, drop me off at my house' and he dropped me off at my house. I trained well, when I wasn't called to games, I trained with the younger ones. It was a personal issue. He practically retired me”, he stated.

Juan Manuel Vargas announced the coach who retired him from football. (PlayzonTV)

After hanging up his boots in 2018, Juan Manuel Vargas stepped away from football and dedicated himself to his businesses. However, he recently reappeared on the scene as the image of a betting house and mentioned the possibility of having a sports program. His name would be 'Loco y Locuaz' along with the journalist Pedro García.

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