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This July 1 marks a new anniversary of the physical departure of the former president of Argentina, Juan Domingo Perón, and founder of Peronism.


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Perón (1895-1974) is remembered as one of the most important and prominent figures on the Argentine political scene of the 20th century. He was the first president of the South American nation to be elected by universal suffrage.

President of Argentina on three occasions (1946-1952; 1952-1955 and 1973-1974), Perón is considered by many Argentines the father of all social conquests, the man who knew how to restore dignity to workers.

Validity of the legacy of Juan Domingo Perón

To understand the validity of Perón's ideas, historian Gustavo Nicolás Contreras, from the National University of Mar del Plata, recalls that the three basic principles of Peronism are political sovereignty, economic independence and social justice.

According to Contreras, the principles of Peronism are unifying enough for social classes such as the world of workers, the industrial bourgeoisie or the army to identify with them.

During Mauricio Macri's term (2015-2019), neoliberal policies put aside the social achievements achieved in the 12 years of Kirchnerism (2003-2015), and led to a deep social and economic crisis in the country.

Organizations and social movements, unions, labor unions, denounced throughout the Macrista government, the increase in poverty, social inequality, the fall in purchasing power, the loss of jobs, factory closures, etc.

This is how the mobilizations in rejection of economic policy and demanding a social agenda, claimed the flags on which Peronism was founded and maintain Perón's legacy.

49 years after the death of the father of Peronism, many believe that Juan Domingo Perón won the loyalty of the Argentine people by giving them prominence, by recognizing their rights, and by creating measures that not only improved the quality of life of the most vulnerable classes, but also that inaugurated an era in which social ascent was possible for millions of compatriots.

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